Kc premier of traveling film festival, the Eyeslicer Roadshow, hosted at Kc's oldest operating cinema-house (as well as last surviving Blue Cinema) The Strand Theater. THE EYESLICER is a mind-melting new TV show that will slice, dice, then mince your eyeballs into delicious ceviche. EYESLICER is a handcrafted mixtape blending boundary-pushing short film work into a weird, wild, uninterrupted whole. All united by a stalwart counter-culture ethos and a desire to push at the boundaries of what filmmaking can be. This was our love letter to William Castle with our audience members signed waivers disturbed by our onsite nurse in case you were to loss your mind due to the madness of EYESLICER. Featuring roller skating eyeball people, skeletons, a gallery of bad art, and popcorn & smut side by side. Things got even freakier when our audience was treated to a special segment in Smell-O-Vision, a freaky robot host live Q&A, and hand fed milk & cookies by the film fest creators. Pre-show entertained was provided by Devo inspired punk/funk weirdos NATURAL MAN.


Dreamed up by indie film radicals Vanessa McDonnell and Dan Schoenbrun- 

“We believe there's a radical new filmmaking movement bubbling up in America right now just out of sight of the corporate algorithms that are constantly surveilling our entire lives and feeding us mediocre “content." It's being led by a diverse community of DIY artists making work that's personal, provocative, and proudly non-conformist. The Eyeslicer is a love letter to this movement, and a home-base for anyone looking to binge-watch a TV show that - instead of making your eyes glaze over - will rip straight through your corneas like an X-Acto blade through hot damp tissue paper.”


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