Featuring a dozen segments of spine-tingling surrealist terror, The Eyeslicer Halloween Special takes viewers on the cinematic equivalent of an acid trip down the Halloween aisle at Party City. Hosted by 9 Elvia impersonators found off Craigslist this a showcase to see to believe it! From an X-rated Halloween party hookup to a coming of age story set on the eve of Ted Bundy’s execution; from a documentary about pumpkin carving and misogyny to a supercut about the gendered dangers of the bathtub; from a cursed stand-up comedy set to a woman trapped inside a Red Lobster commercial; from a John Carpenter homage (featuring a cameo by Carpenter himself) to a sequel to The Eyeslicer’s now infamous Gwilliam, The Eyeslicer Halloween Special is an experience like no other - a deranged, proudly transgressive anthology carving out bold new space in the Midnight movie genre.

Hosted at The Strand Theater (Kansas City’s last surviving smuthouse & oldest operating theater!) the night hosted the Eyeslicer as will as The Strand’s 101yr birthday bash. Featuring performance by the KOOL 101s, go-go dancers, eyeball roller skating vagina dentata, limited edition VHS, and the scenic peaks of Mount Buttmore.