Special collaboration between the Cannonball Roarers and Baltimore based performers Lindsey Griffith & Evan Mortiz. Hosting these two dynamite weirdo DIY theatrical performances at The Drugstore and a special Secret Series venue. With an opening performance by the master of haunts The King of Herrings.

DEEP TIME NETWORK.....semi-bleak sci-fi poetry by EVAN MORITZ explores the relationship of artistic legacy and time travel in radio show format. Evan is receiving emails from the future, but rather than information or news, he’s getting poems and personal lamentations from the future’s unsung heroes.


HORSE PEOPLE.....absurdist comedy by LINDSEY GRIFFITH Lindsey finds a cool rock and spirals into neurotic obsession as she comes head to head with a family mystery involving her mother, her mother’s mother, and her mother’s mother’s mother, who may be a horse. She climbs back through generations of strange women to seek out the root of her family’s neuroses.


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