Summer of 2016 saw Cannonball Roarers first foray into the realm of live scoring with a secluded screening the Silent Classic The Phantom of the Opera. This was a custom-cut of the 1925 & 1929 films in order to most accurately mimic the lost 1925 Director’s Cut. Hidden Center Sound and Vision, an avant garde music label in KC, was approached for the scoring. Label founder Piper Harrow and experimental musician & the King of Herrings formed a dynamic Duo to perform the haunting musical accompaniment.

Attendants were whisked on a tour in artist Lindsey Griffith’s Phantom Cab, a dastardly D.I.Y. Hearse, that hauled its occupants to the creepy sounds of roaring organ music all while driving furiously with a rather large chandelier hanging from the interior roof. The viewers were deposited at the edge of a wilderness trail. Descending through the trees, they found themselves at the entrance of a winding tunnel. the participants were treated to a run of ghoulish amusements before exiting into the outfall of the ensuing cinematic performance.

In August 2016 for Kc Zine Con #2, Roarers collaborated with Magnetic Magic VHS to release the Phantom tapes which contain our custom-cut version of Phantom of the Opera & live score accompaniment. Each VHS featured a digital download along with a copy of Psychotronic Graveyard issue #1 cataloging the spectacle of diabolical frights!


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