Secret Series PUNGK

Step into the underground radical arts scene hidden across these bizarro states as Andrew H. Shirley presents his new showcase of artists led dissidence!

Featuring a spectacular accordion pre-show by JORDYN With A Y set amongst the decaying concrete of the RUINS. This showcase features new work from Activist-Art collective INDECLINE, freight train traveling artist SWAMPY, Andrew H. Shirley's existential graffiti-strewn fantasy WASTEDLAND 2 and shorter works from ADAM VOID (Asheville, NC), DON PABLO PEDRO (L.A.), DUSTIN HINSON (Columbia, SC), FAYTHE LEVINE (SHEBOYGAN, WI), FREED (KC),HAMTRAMCK CERAMCK (MI),HEATHER BENJAMIN (RI), JIZZY CREAMS (L.A.), LEILA JARMAN (L.A.), NDO (Detroit, MI), OLIVIA GILMORE (MI), SARAH SWILLUM (GA), SHEA COTE, VEKS, XAVIER VEAL ( NYC), YOU GO GIRL (NOLA).


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