Roarers hosted traveling NYC filmmaker Andrew H. Shirley for his Missouri premier of WASTEDLAND 2. Partnering with well established street painters to turn cave esc bridge room into a colorful gallery of wasted youth. Open for one night only, CB welcomed adventurous cinema seekers through the heavy cast iron door entering into the concrete crypt room. Andrew H. Shirley then presented a pre-show by Dylan Thadani’s THE INDIAN ROADSHOW and OKC artist Velvet’s VIDEO BOMB.

WASTEDLAND2 follows three solitary vandals (played by Wolftits, Avoid, and Smells) who cross paths while searching for the meaning of a trail of enigmatic artworks left behind by UFO 907, another nomadic artist. Roaming from one decaying zone to the next in a never-ending search for beer, weed, and a wall to paint, the vandals form a pact with the rest of the surviving seekers (played by Rambo, Noxer, EKG, and others) to attain the answer to their unanimous question of their futility- “WHAT’S THE POINT?”


"Collaborative artists foster revolutionary ideas while thriving off each other’s creativity. Jaclyn Danger, co-founder of screening collective The Cannonball Roarers, hosted a unique “secret screening” in an undisclosed location of Kansas City. Danger’s mission is to screen off-the-radar films in the urban environment to provide a more enhanced viewing experience. She has teamed up with her colleague, Matt Lloyd to launch the latest screening of Wastedland 2, a film produced by Andrew H. Shirley." 

                                    -Madison Noordhoek University News

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